Profile of Mayor

Kim Jong-hoon, the mayor of Dong-gu, endeavoring together for more prosperous Dong-gu

Profile of the 9th Ulsan Dong-gu Mayor, Elected by Popular Vote

Educational Background

  • Graduated from Gyeongju Elementary School
  • Graduated from Gyeongju Munhwa Middle School
  • Graduated from Gyeongju Munhwa High School
  • Graduated from the Department of Korean Language and Literature, University of Ulsan

Career Background

  • Former) Secretary-General in the Ulsan Laborers’ Cultural Movement Federation
  • Former) Vide Chairman in the National Council of Laborers’ Cultural Movement Groups
  • Former) Member of the third Ulsan Metropolitan City Council
  • Former) Director at the Dong-gu Culture Center
  • Former) Director of South-North Korea Exchange and Cooperation in the Movement for One Korea- Ulsan Headquarters
  • Former) Advisor in the Ulsan Women Society
  • Former) Member of the steering committee in the Ulsan Human Rights Movement Alliance
  • Former) Mayor of Dong-gu, Ulsan Metropolitan City
  • Former) Member of National Assembly Representing Dong-gu, Ulsan
  • Present) Chairman of Dong-gu District, Progressive Party of Korea Ulsan