• The seagull

    The seagull represents a future-oriented and expansive image for the 21st century.

  • The rising sun

    The rising sun symbolizes the progressive spirit of our citizens.

  • The oval shape

    The oval shape embodies the roots of life, solidarity, and cooperation.



CI Description

CI Description

CI Description

  • The color red – Sense of unity and dynamic soaring
  • The color blue – Bright and hopeful mindset
  • The color black – Tenacity and uprightness

Official tree, flower, and bird

  • Black Pine
    Tree : Black Pine As a Korean tree, the black pine is growing extensively in Daewangam Park and around Jujeon Beach. It is hardy and stays green all year long and signifies vigor and fidelity.
  • Camellia
    Flower: Camellia Camellia is a winter flower, blooming in red along the coast from December to March. Since it has evergreen leaves and exuberant flowers, the camellia denotes abundance.
  • Black-tailed gull
    Bird : Black-tailed gull The black-tailed gull is a sedentary bird, which is frequently observed at the seaside near us. It has been long considered to have three virtues: wisdom, generosity, and integrity. The black-tailed gull is a symbol of hope for fishermen because it is brave, agile, and familiar to humans.