Intra-city Buses

  • Intra-city Bus (Regular and City Express) : Run along expressway
  • Limousine Bus : Run between the KTX Ulsan Station and major areas in Ulsan City
  • Feeder and Shuttle Buses : Run between areas where intra-city buses cannot be accessed and expressway
  • Fare in KRW (As of October 01, 2020)
Intra-city Buses
Bus Type Bus Card Cash (Ticket)
Regular Bus Adult 1,250 1,300
Teen 820 900
Children 450 500
City Express Bus Adult 2,080 2,300
Teen 1,700 2,000
Children 1,300 1,300
Limousine Bus Adult 3,500 3,700
Teen 3,000 3,200
Children 3,000 3,200
Feeder Bus Adult 900 950
Teen 670 750
Children 380 400
Shuttle Bus Adult 880 900
Teen 660 700
Children 370 400

A route map is displayed inside intra-city buses, and they provide information services. Foreigners can bring a memo indicating their destinations or ask a passenger for help who can speak foreign languages.

Available Bus Card

  • Pre-paid Transit Cards: MYBI, Hanaro (Busan), T-money (Seoul), and EB Card (Gyeonggi and Incheon)
  • Post-paid Transit Cards (credit cards): Kookmin, Lotte, Samsung, Shinhan, KEBHana, Hyundai, and BC cards, Woori)

Ulsan Traffic Management Center

Provides real-time traffic information and bus locations in Ulsan and the intra-city bus routes, fares, and intervals.

Taxi Fare System

Basic Fare and Extra Charge (Based on KRW)

Taxi Fare System
Bus Type Fare and Extra Charge Rate Remarks
Basic Fare (2km) 3,300won  
Additional Charge Based on Distance 100won/125m Over 15km/hour
Based on Time 100won/30sec. Less than 15km/hour
Extra Charge Overnight 20% 12:00AM ~ 04:00AM
Inter-county 30% Applies when passing the border
of the city
(Excluding Beomseo-eup and Cheongnyang-myeon)
No Extra Charge Departure from Ulju-gun
↔ Arrival at Ulju-gun
Based on the departure
and arrival points
Intra-county No Extra Charge Based on the departure
and arrival points
Ulsan Station Area
(Including the Ulsan Station)
No Extra Charge Based on the departure
and arrival points
Multiple Extra Charge for Inter-county(30%) + Overnight(20%)  

Ulsan Inter-city Bus Terminal

Ulsan Express Bus Terminal


  • Train tickets can be purchased at nearby stations or online.
  • Take trains at the KTX, SRT, and ITX stations.




Flight tickets can be purchased at airports. Reservations can be made through airlines and tour agencies by phone or online.

Ulsan Airport

Korea Airports Corporation